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Hi! I could totally relate to your experience; Lessons learnt! I am a doctor in New Delhi, India & was told I had a very high risk of retinal detachment on a routine eye examination one day in 2018. The doctor suggested a laser to prevent any blinding emergency vide retinal detachment; however, the skeptic in me decided to take a second opinion at a top hospital to confirm. Incidentally, the doctor here suggested I wait & report if I experience any symptoms like flashes of light etc suggesting imminent detachment. Happy with a wait & watch policy, I decided to wait and even presumed that the first doctor was probably more interested in making money by scaring me! Unfortunately, I suffered a retinal detachment & there was no warning! What happened next was a nightmare & 2 yrs down the line, I'm still not having a normal vision. Had I listened to the first doctor or went for a third opinion, I'm sure I would have gotten a better perspective of best management course for my retinal condition called lattice degradation. All what was required was a simple office procedure called laser. I was basically scared of anyone touching my eye since I had no symptoms & it was a routine discovery. The lesson is that one is often blind, if we are biased & tend to believe what narrative we want to hear. A triangulation would have certainly opened my case management with a clearer picture and I would probably have chosen the wiser way of a laser which would have prevented a blinding detachment and permanant disability. I eventually got a laser in the better eye ASAP since a laser prevents a detachment. I had read somewhere that a laser can sometimes provoke a detachment & so my heart wanted to not do any intervention & was happy with the watch & wait policy of the 2nd doc despite the first doctor warning me of grave consequences in such an approach. Lesson is- always take atleast 3 opinions; triangulate!

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