Sitemap - 2022 - The Scipionic Circle

Mind Macros 49: Domain specificity, confirmation bias protection, and rationalism vs. empiricism

Mind Macros 48: Reference frames, frameworks for learning, and memory tricks

Mind Macros 47: An antilibrary, the medium is the message, and effects of social media

Mind Macros 46: Antifragility, Black Swans, and the composition of character

Mind Macros 45: Complexity reduction in communication, overfitting, and using patience to dispel anger

Mind Macros 44: Analogical thinking, creating a value system, and purposeful anger

Mind Macros 43: Algorithms for getting things done, radical incrementalism, and predefined targets

Mind Macros 42: Introspection clouding self-perception, telic and atelic activities, and belief vs. inquiry

Mind Macros 41: A better morning routine, perfectionism, and continuous improvement

Mind Macros 40: The 37% Rule, dealing with groundless fears, and sticking with first impressions

Mind Macros 39: Growth vs. fixed mindset, fixed volume productivity, and learning from mistakes

Mind Macros 38: The conformity test, lessons from Leonardo da Vinci, and talent vs. genius

Mind Macros 37: The miracle of life, bottlenecks, and the present moment

Mind Macros 36: The adaptation principle, shortness of life, and gratitude

Mind Macros 35: Focused thinking, Socratic questioning, and the progress principle

Mind Macros 34: The efficiency trap, releasing burdens, and books as the engine of innovation

Mind Macros 33: Writing to process emotions, making assumptions, and the opinions of others

Mind Macros 32: An alternative to goals, the talent myth, and science versus society

Mind Macros 31: The truth about distractions, five priorities for life, and the power of thought

Mind Macros 30: Becoming adaptable, mechanisms of personal change, and seeking rare knowledge

Mind Macros 29: The myth of authenticity, as-if rituals, and self-cultivation

Mind Macros 28: 1% improvements, pursuing perfection, and understanding cognitive biases

Mind Macros 27: Explicit and tacit knowledge, categories of desire, and acquiring wisdom

Mind Macros 26: Programming our brain, delayed intuition, and our future self

Mind Macros 25: The inaccuracy of memory, protecting our time, and the planning fallacy

Mind Macros 24: Mental resilience, hormesis, and the pleasure and pain balance

Mind Macros 23: Expressing anger, nonviolent communication, and statistical bias

Mind Macros 22: Talent vs. discipline, redefining wrong, and deep work

Mind Macros 21: Managing anger, making better decisions, and the mystery of consciousness

Mind Macros 20: Inheriting happiness, cognitive dissonance, and the dichotomy of control

Mind Macros 19: Minimal viable progress, collaborative creativity, and the outsider test

Mind Macros 18: Improving rationality, defining our fears, and the selective skeptic test

Mind Macros 17: Probabilistic thinking, self-deception, and naïve realism

Mind Macros 16: Thinking in bets, rhythms of focus, and technological distractions

Mind Macros 15: The multitasking fallacy, confirmation bias, and strategic thinking

Mind Macros 14: The 10,000-hour rule, systems vs goals, and cumulative thinking

Mind Macros 13: The availability heuristic, Bayesian reasoning, and identity capital

Mind Macros 12: Forming beliefs, speed reading, and Hanlon’s razor

Mind Macros 11: Odyssean self-control, true wisdom, and myopic discounting

Mind Macros 10: Fixing procrastination, enhancing creativity, and amor fati

Mind Macros 09: Opportunity cost, Eisenhower matrix, and fixating on endings

Mind Macros 08: Spiral of silence, perfectionism, and Ikigai

Mind Macros 07: Defining enough, Occam's razor, and the fragility of life

Mind Macros 06: Compound habits, independent thinking, and wabi-sabi

Mind Macros 05: Neuroplasticity, active learning, and second-order thinking

Mind Macros 04: The search for meaning, procrastination aiding creativity, and selective knowledge

Mind Macros 03: Unnatural desires, journaling, and cultivating a self

Mind Macros 02: Embracing imperfection, echo chambers, and the importance of humility

Mind Macros 01: Mimetic desire, perspective blindness, and logical thinking